June 20, 2013

the annual hockenheim run

Ok, so the last three days have been over 90 degrees Fahrenheit combined with terrible mugginess, and the annual Hockenheim run happened to fall on one such day. This run is a 5K and over 15,000 people participate each year from different German companies. It is held at the Hockenheim Ring (where Formula 1 races happen). This is a perfect example of how ineffective it is to deter Germans with bad weather: 100 degrees with 50% humidity? Sounds like a good day for a run to me! Despite the terrible heat there were thousands of people there to run the track and enjoy currywurst, beer and lots of water afterwards. My husband, Daniel, works for BASF and over 7,000 colleagues showed up! Daniel's group t-shirt was neon green (perfect for a chemical company, eh?) Maybe next year I'll actually do it instead of cheering in the shade...

Starting the Run

Daniel showing off some German engineering

The "rest boxes" for Formula 1 drivers

It's hot!

Gotta finish a day like this with a cold Radler!