June 25, 2013

udderly delicious!

A few months ago Daniel and I started buying our milk from a local farmer in the village next to us. We don't know if it's organic or not, but it's certainly delicious! Every few days we drive about five minutes with our glass milk bottle and fill it up in the farmer's automatic milk dispenser. It's only 70 cents per liter and tastes amazing! (Especially in my coffee!) One thing I also love is that we can go at any time, even Sundays when everything else is closed. Just another one of God's natural gifts that we can enjoy! Moo!

Sign to Weinheim

The big cow sign

Fresh Milk! (In many languages!)

The "Milk Hut" as I like to call it


The "Milk Hut" also has an egg dispenser

Fill 'er up!

24 Hour Milk