July 16, 2013

the speyer brezelfest

Last Saturday was a big day for Dirndl-lovers everywhere: The annual Speyer Brezelfest (Pretzel Fest) successfully broke the previous Guinness world record for most people wearing Dirndln in one area. A Dirndl is a traditional combination of a blouse, dress and apron worn most typically in the southern states of Germany (namely Bavaria). The previous world record had been set in 2012 in Straubing, Bavaria with 1,176 participants, and I'm sure that the Bavarians weren't happy to see Rhineland-Palatinate beat them at their own game.

I had the privilege of (almost) participating with several friends of mine and their families, and we all turned up in our classic German attire on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to make a claim to fame. Unfortunately we didn't quite make it: After standing in line for 30 minutes we were informed that they weren't letting any more participants into the tent due to fire codes, etc. but that we had indeed broken the world record. Although we weren't technically counted, I'd like to think that we helped add to it in some way shape or form... oh, and a day wearing a Dirndl is never a bad one!

Me in my Dirndl

An action shot of the beer stands outside

Even the kids are wearing Dirndln and Lederhosen! (Oh, and we saw grandma dump out the juice from those sippy cups and fill them with beer instead... only in Germany!)

This guy was explaining the leg bands he was wearing - I'm still not sure what they're for!

More Dirndln 

The Speyer Dom from the Ferris Wheel

Being a woman wasn't a requirement for the world record, and we saw a lot of dudes! (This guy was even wearing nylons!)

My two friends and I in our Dirndln - very pretty!

Our husbands knew how to relax during all of the festival craziness!