July 20, 2016

a new space

well hello! after a much too long hiatus i've decided to start the blog up again. over the past few months i've been especially inspired by other blogger mamas like naomi davis and amanda watters, and when our little one arrived writing sounded more and more like a good outlet. thankfully my sweet and html-savvy husband was able to help me reboot the whole thing and make it look like i know what i'm doing. it was necessary to rethink the purpose of this space and that's why the title is new. following liebe (love) is something i do every day in our home and with our new son, and it's also what i did when i moved to germany four years ago. my life consists mostly of homemaking, which i used to think wasn't worth writing about, but now i realize that even the simplest things i do on a daily basis are part of my multicultural experience here and can be interesting or inspiring to others. so here's what we did today:

it was the first brutally hot day of the year, so gabe and i stayed inside. i had set up an ice cream date in town with a girl from my geburtsvorbereitungsklasse (prenatal class) but we decided it was too hot, even for ice cream. daniel and i think gabe is already teething and he's been grumpy the past few days and not napping. mostly we lounged around or read some fairytales from five minute stories. i also hung up diapers and rearranged the coffee table decor again. it was bath night for gabe once papa got home, we started doing it in the kitchen sink last week because the baby bathtub was bulky and hurting our backs. it's a good excuse to scrub out the sink twice a week! tonight was too hot to cook so i made a cold pasta salad with some shredded turkey in the fridge from yesterday for dinner. that and a fruit salad made good hot weather food, plus a glass of wine for mama.

i hope to write a little at least once a week, some weeks are filled with play dates or mami treffs (mama meet ups) and others are spent being slow at home. i hope anyone who follows along finds something that speaks to them, whether it's about housewifery or this whole dual culture/language thing we're attempting over here. xoxo