August 8, 2016

walks & wine fests

walking is one of the things i missed a lot when we used to live in the city and gabe and i get out a few times a week for at least twenty minutes, sometimes an hour if the mood strikes. the weather this year has been the worst i've ever seen from a german summer (wet and humid) and the cooler fall months are sounding better every day. i had a conversation with a vineyard owner last week during our walk and learned that the grapes didn't like it either. a lot of them are sick with fungus because of the moisture and the leaves are yellow. nevertheless it's a beautiful place and i'm still thankful every day that we found a home here where my stroller has room to stretch its... wheels. 

on sunday we had brunch at our house with some of daniel's old university comrades and afterwards took a walk to the kerwe (fair) in the village. we didn't get to many fests this year partly because of our new babe but mostly due to the bad weather. you can find plenty of interesting booths at the village festival markets, my personal favorite is the wooden utensil stand. anything imaginable for your kitchen they make out of a light birch wood, and my spatulas from a few years back have held up really well. it's not always easy to find utensils that aren't made out of plastic nowadays so if i see that we need something in the kitchen i try to remember to buy it during festival times. homemade alcohol, soap, tea, and essential oils are also around occasionally and obviously there's never a shortage of good wine. oh, and don't forget to tip the spanish organ players. xoxo

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