October 2, 2016

children of the corn maze

to celebrate the long weekend and my favorite season we took a trip to a corn maze after church today. monday is "tag der deutschen einheit" and a federal holiday. it marks the reunification of west and east germany in 1990 and we usually spend it going on a long bike ride (the village roads are closed just for this). since gabe is still such a little guy we decided to forego the bike tour this year and do something more stroller friendly instead. also, because we're fancy we went to subway for lunch on the way to the maze. it was a nice treat because we don't have many subways near our house and it always reminds me of the u.s. (like starbucks, subways look almost exactly the same no matter where you are in the world). the weather was wet on saturday but today we had the most beautiful fall sunshine and i was so happy to be outside! our poor bugaboo got all clogged with hay and mud from the path but we had too much fun to care. there's something about corn mazes that i love, maybe it's the quintessential fall feeling combined with isolation and the possibility of actually getting lost (very rare these days!) the maze we went to was in hockenheim and has a new layout every year. this time they did a scavenger hunt where people need to find six wooden piggies hidden in the paths and write their names down. whoever finds them all can enter a raffle, so naturally we had to sniff 'em out. i also was able to add "corn maze" to my list of weird places that i've breastfed gabe - we were too far in to find a proper bench but he didn't seem to mind being held mid-air surrounded by cornstalks. these kinds of outings always remind me just how joyfully childish daniel and i are and that it's still something we have in common after all this time. next year maybe we'll do the night walk and get really lost! xoxo

for the record, this was simultaneously the weirdest and coolest thing i've seen in a long time!

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